Collection: Castagna

Julian Castagna is an erudite and totally committed disciple of biodynamic grapegrowing and winemaking. He acknowledges that part of biodynamics has to be intuitive but also seeks to understand how the principles and practices enunciated by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 actually work. He purchased 2 egg-shaped, food-grade concrete tanks, each holding 900l. They are, he says, ‘the most perfect shape in physics’, and in the winery they reduce pressure on the lees and deposit the lees over a larger surface area, which, he believes, will eliminate the need for batonnage. His son Adam is responsible for the 400 dozen or so of Adam’s Rib made each year, complementing the production of Castagna. Exports to the UK, France, Spain, Denmark, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. -JAMES HALLIDAY

Castagna: Biodynamic Wines from Beechworth, Australia