Collection: Seppelt

Seppelt once had dual, and very different, claims to fame. The 1st was as Australia’s foremost producer of both white and red sparkling wine, the former led by Salinger, the latter by Show Sparkling and Original Sparkling Shiraz. The 2nd claim, even more relevant to the Seppelt of today, was based on the small-volume superb red wines made by Colin Preece from the 1930s through to the early ’60s. These were ostensibly Great Western–sourced but – as the laws of the time allowed – were often regional, varietal and vintage blends. Two of his labels (also of high quality) were Moyston and Chalambar. Preece would have been a child in a lolly shop if he’d had today’s viticultural resources to draw on, and would have been quick to recognise the commitment of the winemakers and viticulturists to the supreme quality of today’s portfolio. Ararat businessman Danial Ahchow leased the cellar door and surrounds, including the underground drives. Winemaker Clare Dry took over from Adam Carnaby from the 2021 vintage. -JAMES HALLIDAY

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